Exclusive Eggless Cake Mix and Mousse Mix

We are aware you're are a gourmet with a sensitive tongue and keen taste for the right cake or to say any other food product in general. We also acknowledge that it takes a lot to satisfy your taste and when you are satisfied you don't mind appreciating the product without prejudice.

Simply for YOU, we have taken the pleasure to create and present to you our Exclusive Eggless Cake Mix and Eggless Mousse Mix.

Last time you must have noticed that most of the cakes did not have the most important crisp to the tooth - " Al Dente". The cake rose well in its volume but left a lot desired in the taste. What so ever may be the reason the cake or mousse left you dissatisfied for a good product. We assure you that you will overcome these worries for good.

Exclusive Eggless Cake Mix:
We take pleasure in introducing our cake mix that can be used for preparing right from a vanilla sponge to a chocolate sponge to a Boston Brownie or a Cup cake. You may try our product for over 15 varieties of Iced cakes to a dozen variety of Hi-Tea/Picnic cakes or for your puddings etc. Our cake mix offers you further benefit;

1. Ease of Use and Use with Ease . Simply add fat, water and cream it well and the basic batter is ready for a vanilla sponge cake. To this batter you may add cocoa and bake a chocolate sponge cake. If you are running a bakeshop / bakery then your dumbest worker is just the man for baking your finest sponges and cakes.

2. The basic batter can be stored in the refrigerator for over 2 weeks without altering the final product quality.

3. Our product incorporates prime quality ingredients and offers ongoing consistency, for the desired optimal combination of Taste, Softness, Sponge Height, Sponge Network and Uniformity.

4. We will surprise you with the economic gains that you can make by using our Exclusive Eggless Cake Mix.

Exclusive Eggless Mousse Mix :
Surprise for all vegetarian and Jain, introducing eggless Mousse mix for preparing Mousse, Soufflés, Cheesecakes and Puddings.
Easy to use, you may prepare 25 varieties of Mousse, Soufles, Cheesecakes, and Puddings from the same basic custard.
Use of prime quality ingredients in our products will ensure consistency and a balanced taste, volume, softness and uniformity.

We offer free consultancy for optimal use of our products.
We offer several popular recipes to be be prepared with our products.

Some of Our Esteemed customers include ;
1. Isckon , Hare Krsna Mandir, Govinda Restaurant, Juhu Mumbai.
2. City Bakery, Worli, Mumbai.
3. Cake Line, Mumbai.

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