Gourmet Health Cuisine
Art of Fatless and Low calorie Cooking

Welcome, You have stepped into a wonderful world of fitness, health and delicious eating with a gourmet cuisine set to tantalize your taste buds.

Step out of unnatural ways of eating ,such as dieting, or eating only salads or simply having juices and other such incomplete routines.
We have often discovered that such routines leave us dissatisfied and desiring normal healthy meals. Such routine also leaves us frustrated and unhappy and we find ourselves returning to old food habits sooner than necessary . In fact we often find ourselves disturbed and distracted due to lack of normal balanced and nutritive diet. These regimen may often leave us completely out of our rhythms of daily living.

Unique way to savor eating and still loose weight. You are welcome to eat to your heart content while loosing extra weight. For the slim trim and healthy this cuisine can assist them in maintaining their fitness ongoingly.

Our health cuisine can also prove beneficial for individuals suffering illness such as disorders of heart and other organs, diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, jaundice etc. desiring strict dieting regimen.

An elaborate FATLESS, LOW CALORIE menu consisting of 80 items and more for a complete meal. Menu includes Popular dishes like Soups, Salads, Snacks, Vegetable preparations, Rice preparations like pulav, biryani etc., Paratha, Dals (lentils), desserts, Continental and Chinese dishes and much more.
Our menu offers so much more that you are assured not to get bored of eating the same food preparation everyday. Your ingenuity to try variations, other than what we offer only adds to the variety of the cuisine.

Good News !! The young, fit and healthy at home will also enjoy these preparations by simply seasoning these dishes with cheese, butter, clarified butter, cream etc. as their calorie requirements are much more than the older ones at your home.

We welcome you to cook some of our delicious Fatless, Low Calorie preparations and experience fitness and health ;

Free Health Recipes:

Spinach Soup :

Ingredients :
200 gms. Spinach ( Chopped )
100 gms. Pumpkins ( Small Pieces )
50 gms. (Each ) Cabbage, Potatoes & Onions
200 mls. Skimmed milk ( Optional )
400 mls. Water

Method :
1. Add Washed and chopped spinach for 1 minute in about 2 ltr. boiling water
2. Drain spinach in cold water. Liquidise spinach with 200 mls. water
3. Sauté fine chopped onions in a pressure pan (without any oil / ghee) and
add potatoes and cabbage chopped small with a glass of water. Cook
for 2 whistles of your pressure pan. Cool and Liquidise.
4. Mix the liquidised spinach and vegetables and bring to boil.
5. Add salt and pepper to taste and add the Glass Of Milk.

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Sprouted Veg. Salad :

Ingredients :
100 gms. ( Each ) Sprouted Moong & Channa ( Indian Dals)
50 gms. ( Each ) Cabbage, Capsicum, Onions & Carrots ( Chopped Small )
1 Tbsp. Coriander ( Finely Chopped )
1 Tbsp. Lemon Juice
1 Tsp. Mint ( Finely Chopped )
½, ½, 1 Tsp. Salt , Pepper & Sugar ( or to Taste )

Method :-
1. Mix all above ingredients well and chill.
2. Add Lemon juice and Garnish with Mint and Coriander before serving.

Biriyani :

Ingredients :
50 gms. Rice
50 gms. Onion , Cauliflower ( Chopped )
100 gms. Tomatoes ( Fine Chopped )
25 gms. ( Each ) French Beans, Carrots ( Chopped and Par Boiled )
70 gms. Curds ( Churned )
½ Tsp. ( Each ) Ginger Garlic Paste & Biryani Masala
2 Tsp. Coriander ( Finely Chopped )

Method :
1. Cook Basmati ( or Good Quality ) rice in 1 ½ times water after soaking rice for 45 minutes
2. Take a Deep Bowled Frying Pan and wipe it with an oiled tissue paper, add onions & salt and sauté it till light brown.
3. Add Ginger Garlic paste and cook till done, add tomatoes and cook well. Finally add all vegetables and biriyani masala and cook till done.
4. Add boiled rice, salt ( to taste ) and curds, cook further , garnish with Coriander and serve hot.

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Custard with Jelly and Fruits :

Ingredients :
50 gms. Custard Powder
150 gms. Jelly ( Sweetened )
400 mls. Milk for custard
250 mls. Water for jelly
500 gms. Fresh Fruits of Choice ( Apple, Banana etc.)
75 gms. Sugar for custard

Method :
1. Custard : Mix 50 mls. of milk with custard powder and add it to 350 mls. boiling milk. Stir till thickens, add sugar . Cool and Chill the custard.
2. Jelly : Heat 250 mls. of water and add jelly. Stir continously and bring to boil . Cool, Chill and set jelly.
3. Mix Custard and jelly and beat or whish well with a hand beater till fluffy.
4. Serve refrigerated with fresh fruits.

You are invited to attend our demonstration class or order your recipe by sending D.D. of Rs.2000 ;

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