We specialise in Eggless Baking & Confectionery

A gourmets baking course for Professionals, Technicians, Entrepreneur, Housewives, Students and many more. The one and only unique course that offers scientific, concise but professionally complete training in the field of baking and confectionery without any compromise. In our courses we offer tried, tested, and perfected recipes and techniques of preparations, currently being put to successful use in several established bake shops.
We have trained over 2000 students in last 7 years. We as professional trainers have accomplished in training students from 13 years of age right upto Grand mothers of above 60 years in age.

The Enterprise.
Some of our students are proud owners of existing bake shops while some of our enterprising students are now running successful establishments. Some of the enterprising housewives and lady students have taken lead in starting up bake shops in their localities from their residence . Not only have they gained success, but also support, assistance and encouragement from their families. Earning from their residences without involving much investments at the same time avoiding grueling 9 to 5 routine.


We offer a Professional Certificate Course in bakery and confectionery for Bakery owners, Entrepreneurs , Technicians etc..

Courses :-

25 Eggless Cakes, Cookies, Icings :
Black Forest, Pinacolada, Date Walnuts,
Orange Cake, Mava Cake,
Zebra Swirl Cookies, Coconut Cookies and many more.

3 days Demonstration class held from 2 - 5 p.m., Course fees Rs. 700

Professional Icing , Decoration of Cakes :
Cutting, Slicing, First finish to Final Finishing and Decoration of Cakes. Border designs, Laces design, Flat Flowers, Roses, Leaves, Writing etc. on cakes. Shaped cakes like different cartoon figures, cars etc. without use of moulds. 6 day DO IT YOURSELF Class, Course fee Rs. 3500.
We provide all ingredients like Icing, Cake Sponge, and Boards.

20 Breads - Soft, Stuffed, Wholesome :
Cheese and Garlic, Calzones, Sweet buns,
Whole wheat breads, Chelsea buns, Masala breads,
Parker Rolls, Harlequin breads etc..
2 days Demonstration Class held from 2 - 5 p.m., Course fee Rs. 500

  50 Puffs Pastries, Danish Pastries and Croissants :
Croissants, Cheese straws, Veg Curry puffs, Cream Horns, Turnovers, Windmills, Custard Snaps, Little Hearts etc..
2 days Demonstration Class held from 2 - 5 p.m., Course fee Rs. 500

20 Hotdogs, Burgers, Veg Rolls, Salads :
Hotdog and Burger breads, Hotdog and Burger Cutlets,
Ketchup, Hotdog special sauces, Touf salads, Pasta salads,
Fruit salads, Hach potatoes, Gherkins etc..
1 day Demonstration Class held from 2 - 5 p.m., Course fee Rs. 400

Italian Pasta, Sauces, Pizza, Main Dishes :
8 Shapes of home made Pasta, 8 Flavours of home made Pasta, 9 Types of Sauces,
Combination of main dishes, 15 variety of Pizza, 5 variety Pizza base,
Pizza Dressings and Toppings.
2 days Demonstration Class held from 2 - 5 p.m., Course fee Rs. 600

chocolates 45 Assorted Chocolates :
Soft Centers, Hard Centers, Rocks and Chips,
Trifles, Biscuit Chocolates, Butter Scotch etc..
1 day Demonstration Class held from 2 -5 p.m., Course fee Rs. 450

21 liqueur Chocolate :
Rose, Orange, Coffee, Strawberry, Mint, Melon, liqueur chocolates etc.
Liquid filling of chocolates.
1 day Demonstration Class held from 2 - 5 p.m., Course Fee Rs. 450

  Professional Certificate Course :
Includes all above courses plus 50 exotic cakes and 10 delightful desserts.
Course includes Costing, Pricing , Sourcing of Baking and Confectionery Products.
Free Class - For the professional students - Repeat any of the above class as many number of times within 3 months after completion.
2 Months Course Duration, Course fee Rs. 8000
  50 Exotic Cakes, Cookies, Icings, Tarts :
Black Forest, Pinacolada, Apple tarts, Lemon Cake, Devil Food Cake, Brownies, Nougat Cakes and many more mouth watering cakes, cookies and tarts.
5 day Demonstration class held from 2 - 5 p.m.. Course fee Rs. 1000
  10 Delightful Desserts :
Mousse and soufflés of 5 varieties, Cheese Cakes 5 variety, Potato Hot Cheese Cake 5 Variations.
1 day Demonstration Class held from 2 - 5 p.m., Course fee Rs. 350

You are invited to attend our courses or Order your own copy of the recipies at;

Tel : 91- 22- 6206232/ 6209811
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