Crack the GRE

Verbal Attack 2

* Maintain a second note book for word grouping. Divide the book into several headings. Headings like :
Similar sounding words
eg. elegy/eulogy, seemy/seamly, dinghy/dingy

Synonymns or Words that mean almost the same thing
eg. spoilation/plunder/pillage/ravage/despoil, renegade/apostate

Words that dont mean what they sound like
eg. presumptuous, pretentious, fancier

eg. epistemology, teleology, plutocracy, pediatrician

Common words having alternate meanings
eg. list, discount, transport, appropriate, flag

Wierd names for everyday stuff (Such words are rarely asked)
eg. salver, distaff, carafe, gavel

Words that sound disgusting
eg. pulchritude, macrame, proctor, hagridden

Small words
eg. sap, wan, wean, wane, dour, doff, don

Words that are not in Barron's
eg. quaff, partisan, lucubrate, fawn

Every time you come across a new word in your tests or in the newspapers or you hear it from your friends , look it up in the dictionary and add it to the appropriate list.

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