Crack the GRE

Sample Sentences

The dastard cowered and cringed when he walked into the enemy's cul-de-sac. Later, he felt culpable for his craven behaviour and decided to de dauntless and not get daunted by covert crypts even in crepuscular times.

The curmudgeon belongs to that credo in which cupidity has debauched them such that their credence is to cozen crones to their debilitation.Let us not dawdle and dally and lets debunk him before his credo leads to the decadence of society.

The credence of the Indian ethos is that equability lies in an enfranchisement to the ethereal world by an escapade from the ephemeral existence on this errant planet

GRE preparation entails etymology.It encumbers the students and enervates even the most equipoised and equanimous.

Those who study jurispudence are inveterately judicious in their judgements.Their judgements are not jaundiced by invidiuous junta because they are inviolable.Their ken enables them to grasp the kernel of any issue.

The propinquity among the proletarians of the promontory is not preternatural because they are the progeny of the same promiscuous progenitor.

In his prolix prelude the prelate showed his preciosity by saying " You should not profane the pristine precept that probity should be maintained in both privations and profusions"