Crack the GRE

Coaching Classes / Test Series

Join a coaching class only if :

1. You dont have the determination or courage to prepare on your own

2. You want someone to constantly motivate you

Criteria for selection of a coaching class :

1. The coaching class has a proper test series along with it

2. The class offers you both paper tests and CATs

3. The tests are corrected and returned to you within 2-3 days

4. It is located close to your house

5. There a lot of other engineering students in the class with whom you can compare your progress

6. It offers excellent coaching for the verbal section

I would recommend that you should atleast join some Test Series if you think that you do not require any coaching. Give atleast one test a week and after it has been corrected go through it and make a note of your mistakes. Solving tests is a useless exercise if you dont find your mistakes and correct them.


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