Crack the GRE

Critically Analytical

It's All In The Technique

Logic Games are a lot of fun. Each game requires its own typical approach. It's very important for your technique to be fast. Refer to any GRE preparation book/CD and you will find some standard approaches. Most approaches require tables to be drawn. Mnemonics are used to define the elements of the game and some logical symbols to define their relationships.

Some questions cannot be solved without drawing small maps or sketches. Usually these questions can be solved very fast once the graphic representation has been made.

All logic questions do not demand the same amount of time. It makes sense to take your time in solving in first two-three questions as these will decide the level of the remaining questions. Never click a random answer for the first few questions. Right towards the end you can take the risk of attempting randomly but remember that it is more important to get whatever you have attempted correct rather proceeding hastily in an endeavour to attempt all the questions.

Analytical Reasoning is tough. Each choice answer given to you will seem equally probable. Use your common sense and go by your instincts.

If you are not scoring high on your Analytical practice tests, it means that one or more of your techniques are faulty. Solve the questions again with someone who scores better than you and find the fault in your reasoning. The higher scorer will undoubtedly have a faster technique. You might be wasting your time making deductions that were never required at all !!


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