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apun ka updates

In this world which is so new to me, with the oddest of people flashing their wierdest of expressions and funniest of noises, I've developed some of my own peculiarities as well. Read on....
My vital Stats. :
height : 2' 2" (competing with my Bhavin chachu!)
weight : 8.5 kgs (would I become a SUMO wrestler??!!)
my hair : 1.5 cm max (though few!)
my voice : click to listen (ain't it like Aerosmith?!)
my close-up : click to view (for modelling enquiries, mail me)
Things I've learnt :
Roll over : To keep track of things happening behind my back.
Crawl : Forging ahead in life, though my range is just 1 metre.
Grab : Hair, shirt, fingers, comp mouse.. anything I can lay my hands on!
Blaberring : My own language code for getting attention. sample
Cycling : What if I don't have a cycle, I can always practice in the air.
Things I like to do:
Getting my diapers changed every 5 minutes!
Singing at the top of my voice at 3:00 am.
My Royal Bath : Getting wet and wetting others too.
My evening Baba gadi ride.
Chatting with my Nani. Take a look at our meetings: Click
Enjoying my Dadaji's singing.
And last but not the least, peeing on my Pappa!
Of course, I've been through a lot in this Six months(happily though!) and also made people go through a lot as well(literally!!).

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